“Raul Prieto Ramirez is a colossally talented organist. His fearless playing and at-times brazen registrations gave his eclectic program a nervy, exciting flair so often lacking in classical recitals”


—  Joey DiGiugielmo, Washington Blade

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The Artist at a Glance

Giving Everybody The Opportunity to Discover The Good Music

"Raul is a Hit!... An iconoclast performer"

(Helen VanAbema Rodgers, St. James Church Presenter, Fairhope, AL)

Raul Prieto Ramirez's absolute passion for Music moves him to share his talent anywhere the audience is. Every July he plays his own designed instrument outdoors in a square of Mataro-Barcelona, for casual folks and children during more than three hours. Believe it or not, between a wide selection of romantic, baroque, modern and even theater organ pieces, it is always Bach the composer who congregates a wider audience. In 2008, when Raul moved to a small village in a Natural Park north Barcelona, he discarded electronic organ companies with agressive publicity against the pipe organ, and designed
his house instrument himself with the support of local woodworkers and engineers. With the intention to perform with his wife in venues where a pipe organ is not available -Piano&Organo Duo-, Raul designed an instrument easily  transportable -with just 8 screws, it fits in a mid-size van in less than an hour-. With such instrument he has promoted the organ and its music in numerous venues in Spain where a pipe organ is not available, and has also been invited to perform in other special venues like the International Andorra Organ&nd Festival.

"Raul holds his audience and enthuses them"

(El Punt - Barcelona, Spain)

Crowds Builder

Raul Prieto Ramirez has been described by critics as "fearless", "exciting", "sizzling"... someone who "... instantly connected with the audience" and for whom "Our audience rose to its feet with applause at every opportunity". From Moscow to Los Angeles, Raul has proved to be a musician whose art is ment to be understood by the audience. He loves the people and he works to make the most valuable music accessible and understable for them. Audiences perceive immediately such warm relaxed and passionate attitude, and they react with trust and enthusiasm.
As critics remark: “Raul Prieto Ramirez is a colossally talented organist. His fearless playing and at-times brazen registrations gave his eclectic program a nervy, exciting flair so often lacking in classical recitals" - Joey DiGiugielmo, Washington Blade; "The program was so electrifying that he earned an enthusiastic standing ovation at the intermission as well as at the end, after which the audience demanded several encores" -Bruce B. Stevens
"Raul brings the Organ out of the Shadows"
(ABC News-Madrid)

Artistic Director

Increases of 20 times in audience members just 6 months after his presentation as Artistic Director in Madrid Spanish National Concert Hall with 27 years old (according to the tickets office statistics); The first silent movie concert ever organized in Spain; Special venues creator and designer with active lighting, multy-Arts, new repertoires...; 600 hundred children exposed to the organ every semester in coordination with pedagogues and schools; Performer and creator of the yearly most attended organ concert in Europe including live TV broadcasting for the whole Catalonia region; Creator and Director of the Sursa American Organ Competition in Ball State University; Creator and developer of the most successful Organ Festival in Spain with almost every event sold out every Summer and audiences of over a thousand; Concerts outdoors; dynamic organ presentations for general audiences... Raul's creativity and mastering of the Artistic Consulting are widely proved and seccessful.

Insightful and Flexible Performer

Raul believes in Music as a extremely powerful tool to make societies better. He chose the organ as the instrument that provides him with the wider amount of musical resources and possibilities. Although he spent his first student years playing 17th-18th century Spanish organs, Raul is not restricted to a particular repertory. He investigatse every single style and period with equal devotion trying to understand its complexity to the deepest. Then he offers his work to his students and to the stage performance. He worked on a majority of organ schools and literature with leading teachers such as Marie-Claire Alain, Guy Bovet, Eric Lebrun, Lionel Rogg, Zsigmond Szathmáry, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Jean Willem Jansen, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Jean-Pierre Leguay... and other instruments with Jacques Ogg, Paul Badura-Skoda, Leonid Sintsev and Janos Starker among other.  He studied for 5 years with Dr.Prof. Ludger Lohmann both Bachelor and Solisteklass in the Stuttgart Musikhochschule.
As a result of his work, critics has hailed him as a performer who is "...able to give a defined personality to each interpretation, whether the piece belonged to the 16th, 17th or even the 21st century" -El Norte de Castilla, Spain; and "His interpretations, all of the highest level, demonstrated great artistic maturity, security, and eloquence--something possible only in musicians who have raised their art to an existential level" -Emmanuele Vianelli, Duomo di Milano, Italy
"His brilliant virtuosity and abundant expressive prowess remained in complete service to his musicologically informed, deeply insightful interpretations"
(Bruce B. Stevens)

Passionate Pedagogue

In every venue for which Raul Prieto Ramirez has been appointed Artistic Director, he has always develops a very active program of pedagogic and didactic activities for children and families adapted to different ages and expectations. He is often invited for Master classes by institutions like Mosow Conservatory, Indiana University in Bloomington, Baylor University in Texas, Graz University in Austria, Celebrity Series in Huntsville, and numerous presenters like San Diego AGO Chapter, Sheveport AGO Chapter among many more.
While Artistic Director for the Organ Project in Madrid Concert Hall with the Spanish National Orchestra and Choir he was in charge of several projects, in coordination with the Office for Pedagogic Development in Madrid Region -Spain-; Some of the projects included 'in school' sessions and others would bring the whole class to the stage of Madrid Concert Hall. While Organist in Mataro -Barcelona- he created a net with schools that visited the organ with their students in a yearly basis. He also created pedagogic activities for adults like the non-formal concerts in Madrid Concert Hall, and the open doors visits to organs in Barcelona City. When it comes to open the king of instruments and its music to the citizens of the future, Raul never has a 'No' as an answer.
He is organ professor at the International Summer Organ Academy Mataro-Barcelona, and is currently developing a new organ program in Ball State University.

Welcome to The Raul Experience

 A passionate for people and life, Raul quickly understood the need for building audiences so he could share his art with them. Despite the bad image of the organ in Spain, his powerful passion and creativity made him shine very quickly; at age 27 he was already succeeding as artistic director for the Organ Projects in both Madrid Concert Hall and Mataró-Barcelona International Organ Festival with vast increases in attendance and followers. Raul is definitely the first Spanish organist in recent times to establish himself among the elites of the international concert scene. Described by some promoters as "The Raul Experience", with this new website we hope to offer a more precise idea of his work. We invite you to follow here below The Artist at a Glance section, and visit us regularly to enjoy new additions to his blog publications. We hope you enjoy our work!  -BCN Music Productions

 "I never really focused on building an audience. I just worked hard to share my passion for music with everybody regardless of their music education, and investing all my investigations and instict in just making it convincing, clear, sincere and natural. Then the audiences have always responded to my sincere offer by embracing it with a warm trust. If you open yourself on stage with absolute dignity and sincere, people simply react and appreciate it." Raúl Prieto Ramírez



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