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The Raul Experience

 A passionate for people and life, Raul quickly understood the need for building audiences so he could share his art with them. Despite the bad image of the organ in Spain, his powerful passion and creativity made him shine very quickly; at age 27 he was already succeeding as artistic director for the Organ Projects in both Madrid Concert Hall and Mataró-Barcelona International Organ Festival with vast increases in attendance and followers. Raul is definitely the first Spanish organist in recent times to establish himself among the elites of the international concert scene. Described by some promoters as "The Raul Experience", with this new website we hope to offer a more precise idea of his work. We invite you to follow here below The Artist at a Glance section, and visit us regularly to enjoy new additions to his blog publications. We hope you enjoy our work!  -BCN Music Productions

"Raul is a Hit!... An iconoclast performer"

(Helen VanAbema Rodgers, St. James Church Presenter, Fairhope, AL)

Raul Prieto Ramirez's absolute passion for Music moves him to share his talent anywhere the audience is. Every July he plays his own designed instrument outdoors in a square of Mataro-Barcelona, for casual folks and children during more than three hours. Believe it or not, between a wide selection of romantic, baroque, modern and even theater organ pieces, it is always Bach the composer who congregates a wider audience. In 2008, when Raul moved to a small village in a Natural Park north Barcelona, he discarded electronic organ companies with agressive publicity against the pipe organ, and designed his house instrument himself with the support of local woodworkers and engineers. With the intention to perform with his wife in venues where a pipe organ is not available -Piano&Organo Duo-, Raul designed an instrument easily  transportable -with just 8 screws, it fits in a mid-size van in less than an hour-. With such instrument he has promoted the organ and its music in numerous venues in Spain where a pipe organ is not available, and has also been invited to perform in other special venues like the International Andorra Organ&nd Festival.

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Raul Prieto Ramirez, 2020

Photografía: Maika Risquez, Christian Herrera - Barcelona, Robert Lang