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The Audience

A passionate for people and life, Raul soon understood the need for building audiences for the organ so he could share his art with them. Despite the bad image of the king of instruments in Spain, his approachability, contagious passion and overwhelming creativity made him succeed the challenge increasing audiences by multiples of 30 at venues like the Spanish National Concert Hall in Madird and the Mataró-Barcelona Summer Organ Festival. Raul is widely credited by press and media for "reinvigorating interest on the organ" (-Thomas Neenan, Los Ángeles Philarmony Concert Hall/Diseny Concert Hall), a task he champions as part of his personal wish to improve societies through valuable musicHe divulges this task through his performances, his artistic directions, his teaching and his open attitude towards all kind of people approaching the king of instruments for the first time. Raúl deeply appreciate the feedback from audience, organ lovers and followers. Please don't hesitate to leave your commentaries down the page as desired. 

Thomas Neenan Interview

Los Ángeles Philharmonic

Disney Concert Hall

Thomas Neenan - Raul Prieto Ramirez -
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Some letters from the audience Raúl deeply appreciate

“Wow Raúl!!

May I say a huge THANK YOU for sharing your talent with us. Your arrangement of "Dance Macarbe" is definitely my favourite. […] I personally think that you are the best organist that I've heard. That includes Carlo Curly, Virgil Fox etc. Please release a CD or DVD of your wonderful playing; I'm sure that it would be worth every penny (or Cent!). Also it would be great to see you in the UK. I would certainly be there. Thanks again, your new fan, Richard.”

[Richard, UK]
“Dear Raúl,

I am running out of superlatives to say to you! You continue to astound me with your musical gifts. Thank you for sharing your talent and your passion for music with your fans. I just finished watching your newest videos on Youtube: Duruflé Toccata and Guilmant Sonata No. 1 Finale. You are amazing and I will follow your career until one day I can hear you play live, meet you and thank you in person. Cheers to you from Seattle!”

[William Beal, USA]
“I listened to so many famous organists... to my mind, you are playing in the same league as Olivier Latry, Nicolas Kynaston, Ben van Oosten and other well known artists. Always good luck and Thanks for great Music!”

[Dr. Klaus Meilinger, Germany]
“At such a young age, you are phenomenal. The people of Europe who have your playing at their disposal are truly very blessed. It would be an honour to be able to see and hear you live. As for your website it's great, but please add more videos and close-ups of your hands performing on the keyboard for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be at your concerts. Hope to see you play in the USA.”

[Tony Edge, USA]
“Raul Prieto is his name? I have never heard of him until maybe an hour ago. I just HAPPEN to stumble on him playing the mighty pipe organ. I knew at once that I had discovered another talent that's equal to the Famous Virgil Fox, whom I sort of worshipped. Raul IS now the world's greatest organist, I sincerely think. He used no scores on the pieces he mastered. His pedal work/talent is awesome! Nobody has EVER mastered Pedal Work as well as Virgil Fox ~UNTIL NOW~!!! Please if there is anything else that I can learn or find out about Raul's awesome talent, I'd love to get it. After the last half hour of listening and watching playing the Mighty Organ, I doubt if I will be able to sleep tonight. Many thanks for Raul Prieto!”

[Roger Walter, USA]
“The absolute passion in which you play is incredible!!!!”

[Joseph Robertson, 37, USA]
“Como tu soy organista, pero me considero de corte popular, eres de los mejores del mundo y excelente interprete […], FELICITACIONES.”

[Angela Urdaneta, Venezuela]
“Astonishing technique and great musicianship. I am so happy to see and listen to an organists who is, definitely, enjoying the organ.”

[Paola, 32, Italy]
“Admiro mucho su música. Tengo 10 años y hace 6 meces que estudio piano pero me encanta el órgano. Déme algún consejo para tocar como usted. En Buenos Aires-Argentina, tiene un amigo”

[Lucas Emanuel García, 10, Argentina]
“Raul, your passions exude in all of your performances. The fact that you are younger gentlemen with such finesse for your performing is obvious to all. Love that fact that you can turn to the camera, at times, and smile! Thanks so much for not being one of the typical "high-brow, stuffed-shirt" organists that seem to be so prevalent. I'm glad that us younger organists have been part of evolving the art of the organ to what it is today. BRAVO! Would love to hear you and meet you in person while you're in the USA.”

[Gregore Merrill, USA-Minnesota]
“Dear Raul. You have to visit Poland as soon as possible, and give some of your great music also for the polish listeners” [Thomas, 26, Poland]
“Dear Raúl, Superb playing, technique and musicality. I really appreciate the fuge of Reubke! I hope to see and hear you soon on one of the beautiful organs of Holland.” [Jan Pool, 24, Netherlands]
“Hola de Canadá! […] Thank you so much for giving me the will to start taking pipe organ lessons. You are really inspiring. I tried to play Casavant before, but got overwhelmed. Your technique is great, with a passionate touch of heaven! I want to play Saint-Saëns like you! Anyhow, I am planning to visit Spain soon; I'll try to put you on my "to see" list!!!”

[Pierre Dancause, 21, Canada]
“Dear Mr. Ramirez, Although I am not an organist, the organ is my passion and I have followed it and its music diligently since 1972, when I first discovered that one could attend recitals and concerts (I grew up near the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio). Since that time I have attended countless recitals and concerts and have seen and heard the best of the best in the organ world. Now I am very impressed with your musicianship and technique! I love watching and listening to your videos. […] Thank you for bringing us your talent via the World Wide Web. I appreciate your kindness in offering your videos to the world at large. Be well and may you always enjoy the best of success and happiness! Kind regards"

[William Beal, Seattle, Washington USA]
“Sobre el organista: Puro talento, fraseo excepcional, registra re bien, técnica inigualable, digitación muy limpia y clara. Genial. Menos mal que dejó la filosofía, el mundo se lo agradece.”

[Gaspar González, 32, Chile]
“Estimado Don Raúl Prieto, Soy un sencillo amigo del órgano de las islas Canarias, hace muchos meses que le escribí en su book, ahora quisiera saber si tiene previsto alguna grabación sonora, que para los amigos del órgano nos viene de maravilla en este caso en Cd. Las que tiene en video me las escucho y no me canso de oírlas, son mágicas. Aquí en las islas, por lo menos el que le habla, se tiene que contentar con los Cds que bien ricos son a falta de organistas en las iglesias. De momento este año tendremos el "III Ciclo de órgano histórico de Canarias", una semana en Tenerife y otra en Gran Canaria. Espero que autoridades y competencias se acuerden de usted para escucharle en los órganos canarios.
 Sin mas y esperando no haberle robado su precioso tiempo se despide un amigo del órgano.
 Mis más cordiales saludos.
 [Ángel de la Cruz, Spain]
“Bonjour Cher grand organiste espagnol. Excusez-moi de vous adresser quelques mots en français car je ne maîtrise pas l'espagnol et ne parle que l'anglais et le français, les deux langues officielles de ce pays. Quel magnifique organiste vous êtes. Je viens de vous entendre interpréter la fugue du troisième Prélude de l'Opus 7 de Marcel Dupré sur le site de YOU TUBE et, j'ai été subjugué par votre virtuosité. Je n'ai entendu que 2 organistes ici au Canada, dans ma vie, jouer ces difficiles oeuvres: Antoine Reboulot et Françoise Aubut (mes deux professeurs) tous les deux décédés et anciens élèves de Marcel Dupré. En France Xavier Darasse excellait dans l'interprétation de Dupré. Vous ne savez pas combien j'aimerais vous entendre jouer le premier Prélude et Fugue en si majeur de l'Opus 7 de Marcel Dupré qui tente d'imiter un immense carillon... la Fugue est époustouflante et pratiquement injouable.
Je vous prie d'agréer, monsieur, 'expression de ma grande admiration et de mes salutations très distinguées.
 Bien cordialement de Chicoutimi et ses habitants.
[Martial MORIN, Canada]
“Hi Raul. I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your concert here in Maine last Tuesday evening. You are truly a master. I am a pianist and appreciated your performance so much. Do you have any CD's for sale? I would like to buy one.
Musically yours"
[Charlie Childes]
“Caro Raul, que espetáculo a sua execução da Dança Macabra, absolutamente formidável! Cheguei até você através de um download que fiz via eMule. E, em função dele, cheguei ao seu site. Moro em Copacabana, no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, e certamente vou assistir seus outros vídeos para me deliciar ainda mais. Muito agradecido pela excelente performance.
Com minha profunda admiração”
“Monsieur, je tiens à vous féliciter pour votre site qui est très interessant. Vous avez vraiment de beaux orgues!! et j'ai beaucoup aimé les vidéos de vos concerts (Danse macabre, pièces de Reger...) Si vous venez dans la région de Toulouse, j'aurai plaisir à vous montrer des beaux instruments. Si vous ne les connaissais pas encore.
Facteur d'orgues, France]
“WOW! This young man is incredible. I sincerely believe that like the great Virgil Fox; HE OWNS THE INSTRUMENT HE'S PLAYING. Nothing disturbs him. He uses no scores to play. Every move he makes is flawless. His sound from the mighty organ are superb! While sitting at the powerful organ, he's in a world all by himself. What a fantastic talent. I don't even know his name. Please identify him." 

Answer: “This is Raul Prieto Ramirez, a great organist from Spain. I love his playing!! I'm still waiting for him to come to Holland. But at least check out his website "www.raulprietoramirez. net" You must see the video of him playing the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns, it's just incredible! This piece has been written for a whole orchestra, he plays it on his own. I find it better than the original. For the effect you first have to listen to the orchestra version...Have fun with it!!

[21, Netherland]”
“Felicidades!!! Me encanto la interpretación. Las diferentes texturas del órgano tubular dan una extraordinaria riqueza a la obra. Se pensaría que fuera creada originalmente para el instrumento y no para orquesta. Debe ser una maravillosa experiencia escuchar esa obra en vivo. Las dinámicas están muy bien logradas!!! La independencia de las diferentes voces y el virtuosismo de manos y pies es fascinante! Bravo!! Felicidades. Atentamente"
[Dr. Armando Torres Chibrás, Germany]

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