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Last November 2015 Raul Prieto Ramirez offered his first concert at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Concert Hall -The Disney Hall- with the impressive Rosales organ. The poster for that weekend included both Raul Prieto Ramirez to perform on the organ and Yuja Wang to perform on the piano. Many audience members attended both concerts.

The Hall was packed to listen Raul's debut in one of the most emblematic instruments in the world, and the audience received him on stage cheering before he had already played a single note. The excitement was on the air.

Before the concert, Raul was interview during a pre-concert talk with Thomas Neenan that you can listen here below:

The first outdoor concert ever in the Pyrenees mountains was last August 10th in the Andorra Valley. The concert was organized by the Andorra Organ&nd Festival. The event was introduced to press and media at the Spanish Consulate in Andorra.

The location selected for the concert was a spectacular square right in the middle of the Andorra Valley, surrounded by impressive mountains, with the Casa de la Vall from 1580 as backstage

The concert included works by Buxtehude, Bach, Liszt, Widor, Wagner and Saint-Saens. The valley served as a resounding hall for works like the Meistersinger Overture or Mephisto Waltz

Before the concert the instrument was stored in a State building, the flight cases and the van normally used for the transportation can be seen here below

The concert was a great success. Press coverage was wide and enthusiastic

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Sharing a Passion

Committed with the Future

Raúl's passion for music is contagious, something that is behind the success of his numerous Educational Projects. Everywhere Raúl holded a position as organist or Artistic Director, an Educational Project was developed as part of his commitment to build pathways for the future generations so they can experience the greatest musics of all times.His fresh, energetic and passionate stage presence acts like a magnet for kids and his ability to connect with them and explain the most complex musical elements in a simple and clear way built his reputation as mentor. His educational activities have supported school system in Spain and USA, but he also maintain an active activity teaching future organist, something he did for 5 years as full time organ professor in Indiana State University in Muncie, as well as privately and through numerous masterclasses for institutions like Moscow Conservatory, the Universities Bloomington, Baylor or Graz among many others in the USA and Europe.

Artistic Director

Changing lifes through the Power of Music

Early on, Raúl committed his life to make the world a better place to live in through the power of music. Besides his busy concert career, Raúl has always reserved time to create pathways for new audiences, music students and providing concert opportunities for colleagues. Raúl possess a large experience developing spaces for music to thrive.

  • The "Organ Project" for Spanish National Orchestra in Madrid Concert Hall rescued their cancelled recital series with an increase from tens to hundreds and a widely successful educational program (read more

  • The Sursa American Organ Competition in partnership with Moscow International Organ Competition built bridges between young organist in USA and Russia (read more)

  • The Mataro-Barcelona International Summer Organ Festival -already through its 9th season- created a deep relationship between a city and its main historic organ and music (read more)

  • The Barcelona International Summer Academy offered students from all over the world an environment for deep musical study and shared passion (read more).

He is currently Artistic Director for both the Spreckels Organ Society and the Mataró-Barcelona Festival providing access for thousands to quality live music.



Raul Prieto Ramirez, 2020

Photografía: Maika Risquez, Christian Herrera - Barcelona, Robert Lang