“Raul Prieto Ramirez is a colossally talented organist. His fearless playing and at-times brazen registrations gave his eclectic program a nervy, exciting flair so often lacking in classical recitals”

—  Joey DiGiugielmo, Washington Blade






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Los Ángeles Philharmonic Concert Hall

Thomas Neenan - Raul Prieto Ramirez -
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Thomas Neenan Pre-concert Interview

Spanish only

At home with Duo MusArt-Barcelona

Interview in 5 parts

Interview by Ricardo Marquina

Spanish with English subtitles

Nominated San Diego Civic Organist

English only



“A sizzling musical experience. His joyous and virtuosic performance brought the audience immediately to its feet”

Ray Cornils

Portland Civic Organist Emeritus

“Raúl played the organ with such enthusiasm, he made it talk in a way I have never heard it talk before. The footwork on the pedals and hand movements between the four manuals were like lightning”

Ron Richards

The Sentinel, UK Reporter

“His brilliant virtuosity and abundant expressive prowess remained in complete service to his musicologically informed, deeply insightful interpretations. The program was so electrifying that he earned an enthusiastic standing ovation at the intermission as well as at the end, after which the audience demanded several encores.”

Bruce B. Stevens

Concert Organist - Richmond AGO Presenter

“Ramirez is an organist of profound ability and remarkable insight who has deep understanding of what works, why it works, how to register and pace a wildly eclectic program and how to whittle down vast resources into something cohesive. With Ramirez, you never feel he’s opening every can of paint just because he can. Even the most virtuosic passages — and there were many — never felt show-off. Musicality trumps technique in his ethos. The ear seems to take in his playing with ease because you sense early on that musically you can trust him.”

Joey DiGiugielmo

Features Editor for The Washington Blade



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“Wow Raúl!!

May I say a huge THANK YOU for sharing your talent with us. Your arrangement of "Dance Macarbe" is definitely my favourite. […] I personally think that you are the best organist that I've heard. That includes Carlo Curly, Virgil Fox etc. Please release a CD or DVD of your wonderful playing; I'm sure that it would be worth every penny (or Cent!). Also it would be great to see you in the UK. I would certainly be there. Thanks again, your new fan, Richard.”

[Richard, UK]
“Dear Raúl,

I am running out of superlatives to say to you! You continue to astound me with your musical gifts. Thank you for sharing your talent and your passion for music with your fans. I just finished watching your newest videos on Youtube: Duruflé Toccata and Guilmant Sonata No. 1 Finale. You are amazing and I will follow your career until one day I can hear you play live, meet you and thank you in person. Cheers to you from Seattle!”

[William Beal, USA]
“I listened to so many famous organists... to my mind, you are playing in the same league as Olivier Latry, Nicolas Kynaston, Ben van Oosten and other well known artists. Always good luck and Thanks for great Music!”

[Dr. Klaus Meilinger, Germany]


“At such a young age, you are phenomenal. The people of Europe who have your playing at their disposal are truly very blessed. It would be an honour to be able to see and hear you live. As for your website it's great, but please add more videos and close-ups of your hands performing on the keyboard for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be at your concerts. Hope to see you play in the USA.”[Tony Edge, USA]





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Raul Prieto Ramirez, 2020

Photografía: Maika Risquez, Christian Herrera - Barcelona, Robert Lang