Giving Everybody The Opportunity to Discover The Good Music

Let us explain things this way: artists are seduced by the powerful truth of beauty. And they may be anxious to share such beauty and deep feelings with everyone. So that's exactly what Raul Prieto Ramirez does when he plays wherever human beings are: indoor, outdoor, concert halls, cathedrals but also small schools, cinemas, theaters, and in any main street in the middle of a big city. We hear so many organists complaining about people miss appreciation for the organ, and also about empty venues... Raul thinks that the organ is actually a highly attractive instrument with a very powerful and seductive repertory. So that’s why he goes out there to make people stop and think... "that is how an organ is played? that is how its music sound? I may give next organ concert a try" As a result of Raul’s approach, every venue in Mataró-Barcelona International Organ Festival is completely full and its concerts have become a major venue in the city and the surroundings, attracting thousands of people and broadcasting Raul's annual concert live on TV for the whole Catalonia region.

Following these lines you can see videos and pictures taken from Raul's outdoor performances, with some advices given by the artist about his experience preparing for performances in the middle of a busy square compared with performing in a Concert Hall.

"The bigger psycological shock caused by playing outdoors in the middle of a busy square is the fact that you must make people stop, listen and stay until the end of the piece. Your energy has to be up all the time, the music has to be performed in a very convincing way and your concentration has to be rock solid. There will likely be children playing around, people talking beside people listening, traffic noise... You must be prepared to override anything with panache, humbleness and humor" 

- Raúl Prieto Ramírez

"It's not true that playing outdoors in the middle of a busy square means no subtlety and no quality performance. When I was 13 I got deeply impressed by a string quartet playing Vivaldi in a busy street in Dublin. I keep that experience in my mind when performing outdoors under these circumstances. If you believe in the power of Music and in people's emotions, it doesn't really matter what happens around you, you can change it with the power of your art"

- Raúl Prieto Ramírez

"Believe it or not, between a wide selection of romantic, baroque, modern and even theater organ pieces, it is always Bach the composer  who congregates a wider audience" Raul Prieto Ramirez

"Performing outdoor requires a complete different approach. The unpredictable circumstances require much further preparation. For example, rarefaction on the surface of the earth makes the instrument louder at night than during the day. The ambient noise is also unpredictable as well as the audience dynamics, which can radically change in a few minutes. For that reason I use to prepare several sets of registrations for the same piece considering different circumstances. A very attentive listening is essential to adapt articulation, timings, breaths... the difference between rehearsal and performance is also wider compared to a Concert Hall or a Cathedral. All those factors make outdoor performance a beautiful challenge." Raúl Prieto Ramírez