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Providing the Opportunity to Discover The Great Music

We hear so many complaining about people miss appreciation for the organ and about empty venues... but the organ is actually a highly attractive instrument with a very powerful and spectacular repertory. In 2008, when moving to a small village in the mountains north Barcelona, Raúl turned his project for a new home organ into an educational transportable touring organ he used widely in venues like Barcelona Concert Hall, Madrid Conde Duque Hall, Andorra Organ Festival, Artes no Camino de Santiago Arts Festival, Segovia Music Festival, Mataró-Barcelona Summer Organ Festival... every summer his instrument was placed at a busy square in Mataró (Barcelona) where he and students from the Organ Academy would perform for several hours making numerous audiences discover the music for the king of instruments. In 2018 his concert schedule prevented him definitively from planing venues for his touring organ which right now stays calmly at home.

"The bigger psychological shock caused by playing outdoors in the middle of a busy square is the fact that you must make people stop, listen and stay until the end of the piece. Your energy needs to be up all the time, the music has to be performed in a very convincing way to override distraction and mental focus needs to be rock solid. There will likely be children playing around, people talking beside people listening, traffic noise... You must be prepared to override anything with panache, humbleness, and also some humor"  - Raúl Prieto Ramírez

"It's not true that playing outdoors in the middle of a busy square means you can't touch anyone's heart. Being 13 y/o I got deeply touched by a string quartet performance of Vivaldi in a busy street of Dublin. If you believe in the power of Music it doesn't really matter what happens around you, you can change it with the power of your art."  - Raúl Prieto Ramírez

"Bach always wins. Believe it or not, between a wide selection of romantic, baroque, modern and even theater organ pieces, it is always Bach the composer  who congregates a wider audience and for a longer time." -Raul Prieto Ramirez

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