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Raúl Prieto Ramírez is the first Spanish organist in recent times to establish himself among the elites of the international concert scene. "His powerful personality, passionate expressiveness, gift for communication, and outstanding technique make him shine in a wide range of repertoire and styles" (Los Angeles Philarmony).


Milan Cathedral described him as "an extraordinary mix of transcendent virtuosity, technical skill and intellectual control, and a genuine Mediterranean sense of musicality. His interpretations, all of the highest level, demonstrated great artistic maturity, security, and eloquence--something possible only in musicians who have raised his art to an existential level." (Fabrica del Duomo de Milano, Italy).

"Raúl Prieto Ramírez is a colossally talented organist. His fearless playing and at-times brazen registrations gave his eclectic program a nervy, exciting flair so often lacking in classical recitals. He's the whole package - flawless technique and solid repertoire executed with the flair and bravado of a matador" (Joey DiGuglielmo, Washington Blade).

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