“Raul Prieto Ramirez is a colossally talented organist. His fearless playing and at-times brazen registrations gave his eclectic program a nervy, exciting flair so often lacking in classical recitals”


—  Joey DiGiugielmo, Washington Blade


San Diego Civic Organist

Since January 2018 Raul is -by unanimous vote of the search committee, the Board of Trustees and the Audience- San Diego Civic Organist and Spreckels Organ Society Artistic Director -the 8th after 104 years of history- becoming one of the unique full time Civic Organists in the World. He is filling the position at the largest open air musical instrument in the world, a purely American Symphonic Organ with extraordinary flexible tonal capabilities from Theater Organ style to late 20th century classical style. There he performs between 55 and 60 different concerts a year, most of which are entirely from memory -from 1 hour Sunday 2 pm concerts, to 2 hours summer evening concerts plus extra programs in collaboration with different institutions during the year-. The instrument is consistently maintained by L.W. Blackinton and Associates as the official Curators of the organ. 

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“A sizzling musical experience. His joyous and virtuosic performance brought the audience immediately to its feet”

Ray Cornils

Portland Civic Organist Emeritus

“Ramirez is an organist of profound ability and remarkable insight who has deep understanding of what works, why it works, how to register and pace a wildly eclectic program and how to whittle down vast resources into something cohesive. With Ramirez, you never feel he’s opening every can of paint just because he can. Even the most virtuosic passages — and there were many — never felt show-off. Musicality trumps technique in his ethos. The ear seems to take in his playing with ease because you sense early on that musically you can trust him.”

Joey DiGiugielmo

Features Editor for The Washington Blade

“Raúl played the organ with such enthusiasm, he made it talk in a way I have never heard it talk before. The footwork on the pedals and hand movements between the four manuals were like lightning”

Ron Richards

The Sentinel, UK Reporter

“His brilliant virtuosity and abundant expressive prowess remained in complete service to his musicologically informed, deeply insightful interpretations. The program was so electrifying that he earned an enthusiastic standing ovation at the intermission as well as at the end, after which the audience demanded several encores.”

Bruce B. Stevens

Concert Organist - Richmond AGO Presenter

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Current concerts, master classes and public events

2018 February/Febrero - 18 | Westminster Concert Series, Winnipeg, Canada 2:30pm

February/Febrero - 24 | Masterclass at Escondido, (California) held by Palomar AGO Chapter

2018 March/Marzo - 3 | Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Spain/España (Dúo MusArt-Barcelona)

2018 April/Abril - 14 | San Diego New Civic Organist Presentation Concert 7:30pm

2018 April/Abril - 22 | Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville (USA)

2018 May/Mayo - 9 | First United Methodist Church San Diego11:30am Concert

2018 May/Mayo - 13 | Virginia Music Festival (USA) - Duo MusArt-Barcelona

2018 June/Junio- 25 | Monday Night Festival Opening Concert - San Diego Spreckels Organ Pavilion 7:30pm

2018 July/Julio- 6 | Open doors to the largest hirtoric organ in Catalonia Region

2018 July/Julio- 7 | Mataro-Barcelona Summer Festival and Academy Opening Concert

2018 July/Julio- 8-19 | Master Classes Mataro-Barcelona International Summer Organ Academy

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Summer International Festival/Academy Mataró-Barcelona

Sursa American Organ Competition in partnership with Moscow State Conservatory

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Piano & Organ Duets

Dupre, Langlais, Lutoslawski

Saint-Saens, Widor, Cervello

Duo MusArt - Barcelona

Maria Teresa Sierra, piano

Raul Prieto Ramnirez, organ

Palau de la Musica, Barcelona

Walcker Organ 1911

Raul Prieto Ramirez

Liszt 'Ad nos...', Franck, Saint-Saens, Reger

Milan Cathedral

Tamburini-Mascioni Organ

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Raul Prieto Ramirez & Barcelona Music Productions, 2016 

Photography: Maika Risquez, Christian Herrera - Barcelona, Robert Lang